Flatback Planar Charms

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  • All charms are flat back with solid white backs
  • Comes with and without holes based on your preference.
  • Each order comes with 2 planar charms( ex. 1 order= 2 of the same planar charms)
  • These charms can me used for jewelry designs such as earrings, bracelets or bangles, scrapbooking, bedazzled phone cases or crocs shoes based on preference.
  • Due to these being on hand if you enter an amount and it doesn’t allow you to add to cart then that amount is not available. Change to a lower amount and follow this step if it happens again. 
  • All charms will vary in size, texture, style and theme 
  • Do not wear while sweating profusely, showering, or swimming
  • Avoid sleeping in your jewelry and spraying perfume or spray like chemicals around your jewelry
  • Please remember to clean your jewelry once a week to keep it shinny with only cleaning materials designed for jewelry