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  • Each charm will be priced as a single. 
  • For example 1 order= 1 charm.
  • You must enter the amount of each charm you would like. So if you want 2 of the exact same charm than you must enter that number before adding it to your cart. Please keep in mind all charms are on hand with limited quantities. As demand increases so will the variety & quantity.
  • Due to these being on hand if you enter an amount and it doesn’t allow you to add to cart then that amount is not available. Change to a lower amount and follow this step if it happens again. 
  • All charms will vary in size, texture, style and theme (Some charms will not be duplicated based on inventory)
  • Do not wear while sweating profusely, showering, or swimming
  • Avoid sleeping in your jewelry and spraying perfume or spray like chemicals around your jewelry
  • Please remember to clean your jewelry once a week to keep it shinny with only cleaning materials designed for jewelry