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  • Each bangle will come with the selected amount of charms chosen (ex. 3 charms = 1 bangle)
  • Charms will come with color or plain upon request down below
  • Comes with a minimum of 15 bangles per order (ex. 1 order = 15 bangles, 2 orders = 30 bangles)
  • Charms will vary in size, texture, style and theme (Some bangles will not be duplicated within each order based on inventory of charms)
  • Designer pendants will vary in logo, color, and style for each bangle (ex. 1 order will have multiple designers logos)
  • All orders will have a mix of charms and pendants based on inventory.
  • Do not wear while sweating profusely, showering, or swimming
  • Avoid sleeping in your jewelry and spraying perfume or spray like chemicals around your jewelry
  • Please remember to clean your jewelry once a week to keep it shinny with only cleaning materials designed for jewelry
  • If you would like a special color please leave it in the message section located at the bottom of the page  with the name of the color and an email where you can be reached to confirm the color